Sunday, October 30, 2005

Making Money out of Nothing at All

Welcome to my experiment. The saying goes that you have to spend money to make money. I refuse to believe that. My goal is to make a substantial amount of money on the internet with zero investment on my part. I will reinvest what I earn, at least at first, but I will take no money directly from my pocket and invest it.

This idea was born a couple of months ago when I started another blog and needed to get traffic to it. I joined some surf programs (see the lists on the right) and found that they did in fact send traffic to my site. Granted, people weren't necessarily reading my blog, but I did pick up a lot of hits, some clicks on my Google ads and a few regular visitors.

A couple of weeks ago I saw an ad for Strong Future International. SFI is an amazing opportunity to begin your own business online (or wherever, really) with absolutely no investment on your part. Yes, there are pieces of the program that cost money, but the basic system is free for the taking and very robust. You can make money by sponsoring affiliates (several levels although it isn't a straight-up MLM business) who sell SFI products and by selling products yourself.

Believe me, I'm a skeptic at heart... especially when the internet is involved. But this is the real deal. I'm convinced that I will make money with this business and I'm sure anyone else can too. I've joined a reputable safelist, placed a few ads on free classified sites and set up my free gateway pages in several auto and manual surf programs.

If this all seems like an awful lot of work it's only because I'm sharing it all at once. In following posts, I will explain step-by-step how and why I joined each of these programs. And I'll let you know which ones work and which ones return no results. I'll be honest, I hope this blog will help me gain a solid downline for my affiliate programs. But I also hope it offers you some good ideas on how to make money with nothing but effort on your part.

Enjoy the ride!

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